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Who did America Fight in World War 1?

WW1 was also known as The Great War or World War I (only after the Americans fought in WW2 and they started a re-branding exercise and renamed it with roman numerals). It involved all the great world powers (not the great unworldly powers like electricity, gravity, momentum, or the IRS), and there were teams.

To keep it simple we’ll call them the Centrals and the Allies. Who would want to join the Centrals when you could be on the Allies? Surely the opposite of Allies is Enemies, so who would America join – us or them?

So Woodrow Wilson (ironically also earning the moniker WW) spent a few years keeping the US out of the war finally jumped in with two feet and decided to put the boot in to the enemies:

  • Germany
  • Austria-Hungary aka Arnold’s family tree
  • The Ottoman Empire aka Turkey
  • Bulgaria



When must all men stand up and be counted?

All men must register for the Selective Service at age 18. Not women though. So much for gender equality. You must register:

between ages 18 and 26

You can register for Selective Service online, even if you’re an undocumented immigrant, which seems a little odd to me, as you don’t then necessarily have any rights to live in the US.