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Name an American Indian Tribe

I’m always surprised to see the phrase American Indian, but then again, people call me British or Scottish, so why should I be? The challenge in the Immigration Civics test is to name one tribe in the United States, and you have a lot to choose from – 566 federally recognized Indian tribes.

Given that I’m a smart alec, I’d typically elect to reel off a few more obscure ones, and lead the questioner to double check their fact book – maybe the Ely Shoshone Tribe of Nevada, or the Shinnecock Indian Nation or the Seminole Tribe of Florida as they own the Hard Rock Cafe.

Being a smart alec in interview is never a good idea though, so it’s probably best to go for one of the big ones:

  • Apache
  • Cherokee
  • Choctaw
  • Sioux
  • Hopi
Apache is easy to remember

By Fred Morse

I moved from Wales to the United States in 2005 and have been through the US immigration process and have learned all about citizenship and nationalization on the way. I currently live in Texas with my wife and two dogs

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The Navajo have the largest population of any tribe in the US – with over 300k members. That is your number one answer.

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