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Which tools helped me pass the immigration test?

Some people love taking tests so the immigration test will not prove much of a challenge to them. Other people need more help and coaching and there are a number of resources to equip you with the basic knowledge to pass. Some are free, some are provided by the USCIS.

There is a guide that suits your learning style – if you are a visual learner there are flashcards. If you like to listen to things while you’re driving or at the gym there are audio books. And if you like to learn by stories, there are plenty of books which can help tell the tale of the US.

Here are some of the resources I found useful when I was studying for my immigration test:

iPhone Citizenship Test Study Apps

I like this paid app for the iPhone – it’s pretty simple and does away with tedious advertising. You can’t really go wrong for less than $2!

This one has a free version and is thorough and intuitive. The free version is so full of ads that it’s obnoxious and I’d stick with the $2 if I were you:

Kindle Books

Of course, you can read Kindle books on a PC or your phone, but if you like an easily downloaded book to the device of your choice, the best of the bunch is “Pass the new Citizenship Test”. It’s precise and concise

Paper Books

This is the paper version of the book above and gets the job done quickly. It just takes a few days to get to you by post!


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