American History Not on the test

Name the 3 original States

If you want the first three of the original 13 states, they are:

Delaware (December 7, 1787)

Pennsylvania December 12, 1787

New Jersey December 18, 1787

These are the first colonies to become states. So all of this started with Delaware. I’ll just say that again to let it sink in – Delaware – aka the Blue Hen State, the Diamond State, the First State.

In the US immigration test, you are only asked for three of the original thirteen states, so any three will do. The list above is simply the first three, which became states in 1787.

The Colonial Period

Aside from Hundreds, What Did Ben Franklin get up to?

When Benjamin Franklin wasn’t being labeled “The First American” by short-sighted people in the 1700s who were forgetting about the thousands of Americans who were happily living here before they brought their sneezes and wheezes from cramped salty ships, he was busy being a polymath – getting things done and inventing things like the the carriage odometer. He was known for many things, and for the purposes of the immigration test, it’s fair to say that he was a diplomat.

For the Immigration Test: Ben Franklin was a diplomat