The 1800s

Which Territory did the US get for a steal in 1803?

I’m not saying that the US stole the Louisiana Territory – they certainly paid for it. But at only 3c an acre, that’s a pretty good deal. Even if you accounted for inflation, it’s still less than 50c an acre. Two acres for a dollar? I mean, where can you buy land at two acres for a dollar?

It was a heck of a deal, and it wasn’t just the great(?) State of Louisiana – which was called the Territory of Orleans at the time. Anyway, the US bought it from France back in the early 1800s, and gumbo has never been the same since.

Louisiana Territory
The 1800s

US Wars of the 1800s

Now don’t let it be said that the United States likes a war. Especially if you’re petitioning for immigration status with the USCIS. One good century when there were only four wars was the good old 1800s. Can you name them all? It turns out that you only need to name one of them, and the popular answer would be the first:

  • Civil War
  • The war of 1812 – not to be confused with the other war of 1812 which the overture is about
  • Mexican-American War
  • Spanish- American War.

I like the way that America assumes the trailing position in the titles of these wars, as if to say, “He started it (but we finished it)”

Again with the Civil War