The 1800s

Who was Susan Anthony and what did she get up to in the 1800s?

What did Susan Brownell Anthony do for American history? Well she lived for a long time – born in 1820 and lasting 86 years is quite an accomplishment in itself while everyone was dropping like flies from the plague, scurvy and polio. But not Susan, no, not her. Despite giving 100 speeches a year in Europe and the US, she was a trooper in her fight for women’s suffrage. She was able to read and write at teh age of 3, which might explain why her family moved to a quizzical place called Hardscrabble, New York in 1939. She was a dab hand with two letter words I imagine.

Women’s rights

At any rate, the answer the USCIS is looking for is:

Fought for women’s rights.


By Fred Morse

I moved from Wales to the United States in 2005 and have been through the US immigration process and have learned all about citizenship and nationalization on the way. I currently live in Texas with my wife and two dogs

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