The Colonial Period

Why Did the Colonists Come to America?

There are several reasons that the colonists came over here in the first place:

  • freedom – Europe was a pretty sketchy place in terms of persecution and dictatorship
  • political liberty – Sir Walter Raleigh was busy being executed in Britain – not the shining light of liberty you’d aspire to really
  • religious freedom – lots of religious troubles for the non-dominant followers in many European countries
  • economic opportunity – this was before capitalism was cool and mercantilism was the flavor of the month – ensuring military strength through foreign trade
  • practice their religion – after five centuries of practice, you could argue that they’ve got really good
  • escape persecution


By Fred Morse

I moved from Wales to the United States in 2005 and have been through the US immigration process and have learned all about citizenship and nationalization on the way. I currently live in Texas with my wife and two dogs

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